YES. You can hire us even if we live in a different country.

Remember the last time you used a paper map? Has it been a while?
Technology is advancing the way that we do things. Some of the limits that we once had are now only seen in the rearview mirror.

One limitation that we have shrugged off is to only be able to work with local clients. We have produced videos for clients in various States and Provinces across North America. We have numerous video production solutions that can be facilitated 100% over the phone or email.

Image Inventions: Founder

Julian’s journey began with academic pursuits. He started with the foundation of graphic design, which he studied at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego. This is where he picked up a guitar and started writing and singing. He soon found himself at a crossroad between pursuing visual arts or pursuing music. His solution for this was to study Film and Television Production at Humber College in Toronto (class of 06). He learned many disciplines from Cinematography to Scriptwriting; but he majored in Video Editing, Sound/Sound Design and Production Management. While at school he was introduced to a software program (Adobe After Effects) that allowed him to take his graphic design to the next level by adding motion.

As a freelancer, Julian worked for many clients. He moved to Calgary in 2007 and then launched Image Inventions in 2009. This was only the beginning. After watching businesses struggle through the turbulence of the Alberta economy, Julian was inspired to reshape his services. He began developing cost-effective solutions that focused on his client’s return on investment. This process revealed to him a whole new world of possibilities.

To this day, Julian continues to flex his creative muscles as he produces videos for his clients. He enjoys what he does and looks forward to meeting you and seeing where his many adventures will lead him.

Julian Springer on western set with video camera.

You have a 0% chance of having a viral video if you upload nothing at all!

Julian Springer

It’s great to work with a team on projects that you cannot do by yourself.

When you take a step back and look at what was accomplished… this is one of the pleasures of film. In film school many people asked me what I was interested in. I always said that I was interested in corporate video production.  My classmates and teachers would say that that is a good way to make money. That’s an interesting bonus but having my roots firmly in film, it’s more about the art, the challenge and genuinely enjoying helping others. Naturally I like to help my clients.

Recently I had the opportunity to work on a film. There was something refreshing about it. It was the team work. Everyone had a role and smiled while they did it. There where no egos, the stress of getting the shot was enjoyable. Knowing that the director is the director, the DOP is the DOP (Director of Photography), props is props, and so on, made life so easy.

You can produce a great corporate video or even a great film but if you have a bad team… the money, the art and your desire to help will be challenged. Is it worth it if you want to quit what you usually love and are good at?

Start on the right foot. Find a good team. Enjoy your work. Do what you cannot do by yourself.


Image Inventions Emblem smallOur logo features a cog (gear) and a light bulb. The cog represents the gears turning in your head when you are thinking up a solution. The light bulb is what is often illustrated above your head when you have come up with a brilliant idea. These two symbols combined emphasize the work involved with the creative process. We strive to be the best and… fresh. New ideas are more work than old ones.

Creative isn’t a catch word, it’s who we are.

Image Inventions Emblem
Blue & Green for Image Inventions New Branding

A lot of work has been done recently as we developed our new website. We have reimagined, re-envisioned and reinvented our branding to represent who we are and what we represent. Our previous colours, black and red, now represent the ideas of the past and not what is in the future.

The future is blue and green. These new colours are cool slick and refreshing. We want you to know that this is what you are getting when you work with us. Not only will this be your experience, but it will be the experience of your target audience.

We will chat about our logo design in a future blog.