Pay Per Click Ads

Examples of Our Pay Per Click Ads (PPC Ads)

We have a broad range of clients and each of our clients has different needs. In the player below you will see some of the work that we have done to promote online store products. These videos are formatted to be used in a pay per click campaign on Facebook. Videos like this can be advanced or fast and easy.


[dzs_videogallery id=”ppc_ads” db=”main”]


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1000 Subscribers

It’s nice to be acknowledged. Even if it is something that you have done by accident. We still enjoy the fact that we have reached 1000 subscribers on our YouTube channel. That means to us… that there are people out there who like what we do. We have lots of fun producing videos and we hope you will have a chance to enjoy what we can do for you. Subscribe to our channel with the link below so that we can stay in the loop.