Aerial Services


Aerial Services


Image Inventions Drone Services

Our Calgary Drone Photography Services cover your cinematography needs.
Our fully Certified Pilots also provide Aerial Mapping services.

Aerial Cinematography

When producing a video, a simple way to upgrade the production value is with Aerial Cinematography. This aerial footage is great for capturing beautiful and epic scenes to help tell the story of your business. By bringing a drone to our video production shoots, we know that simply capturing one aerial shot can take the production to the next level.

  • Drone Photography
  • Aerial Cinematography

Calgary Drone Photography & Cinematography

Calgary Aerial Cinematography

Image Inventions provides top-of-the-line aerial cinematography services. Our experienced team of pilots, camera operators and production professionals are dedicated to helping you capture the perfect shot from the perfect angle. Whether you’re shooting a movie, television show or commercial, our drone-based aerial cinematography services will deliver unparalleled results.

Our team is fully licensed to fly anywhere in Canada.

Customizing Your Aerial Production to Fit Your Needs

We know that no two projects are alike and that each one requires an individual approach. That’s why we customize our services to meet your project’s specific needs and budget. We offer a variety of packages that include pre-production planning, onsite crew and equipment, post-production editing and delivery of your final product in any format you require. With options ranging from basic aerial photography to full cinematic productions with multiple drones, high dynamic range cameras and advanced stabilization systems, we have the tools and experience necessary to get the job done right.

If you are looking for Aerial Drone Mapping, we do that too.

Aerial Mapping

Aerial Mapping is an extremely useful way to get a good sense of the status of your assets. Many industries are now starting to utilize Aerial Mapping Services. With this modern technology, we are able to help serve clients across Canada and the USA.

Check out more information here.

Unmatched Aerial Photography with Our Advanced Drone Fleet

Our fleet of drones is equipped with state-of-the-art sensors for capturing stunning 4K resolution images and videos from any angle or altitude – allowing us to capture shots impossible for traditional cameras mounted on helicopters or planes. Our drones can also fly autonomously using GPS coordinates for precise tracking shots or follow moving targets with their obstacle avoidance system activated. All our drone operations are conducted in compliance with NAV Canada regulations. This is achieved by our experienced licensed pilots who understand the complexities of safe flight operations in urban environments as well as over water bodies or other restricted airspace areas.

Securing Quality and Safety at Every Stage of Production

At Image Inventions, safety is our top priority – both on set and during post-production when editing your footage into a stunning video that will wow your viewers. We make sure all data collected is secure at every stage of production so that you can be confident your project is in good hands with us. Our commitment to quality control helps ensure seamless workflows while respecting deadlines so you can focus on what matters most – creating stunning visuals that tell a story worth watching over and over again. 

Take Your Project to New Heights with Image Inventions

With Image Inventions on board, your next project will be taken to new heights! Get in touch today for more information about our aerial cinematography services or request a quote for your next project!

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