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Environmental, Social & Governance Policies

Goals and Objectives

At Image Inventions, we strive to be an environmentally friendly, socially responsible and a top notch company to work for and to work with. To that end, our environmental, social & governance policy outlines the ways in which we aim to benefit our environment, grow healthy communities and model our values as a company. As a growing company this document is subject to change as we pursue ways to look after the environment and treat all those that we work with the way we would like to be treated.

Environmental Policy: Investing Into Our Home

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

When hiring contractors for filming projects, Image Inventions will prioritize those who live close to the location where the filming will take place in order to reduce transportation-related emissions. For any project requiring travel beyond a reasonable distance, we will consider alternative options such as remote working or using technology-enabled solutions. We also encourage vendors and contractors to adopt green practices such as carpooling or using public transportation whenever possible.

Implement Tools to Benefit the Agriculture Industry

Image Inventions is committed to helping the agriculture industry to become more sustainable and efficient as they manage their resources. To that end, we are excited to announce our initiative to use aerial mapping technology to support and partner with farmers and growers.

Aerial mapping is an efficient and effective way to gather data for farms. We will use this drone technology to give farmers an additional perspective of their land. This information can be used to inform their decisions about surface runoff, irrigation, disease and weather damage, among other things. This initiative will significantly benefit both farmers and the environment alike by helping improve agricultural operations while reducing environmental impact over time.

Social Policy: Developing Healthy Communities

Fostering Equality in the Workplace

Image Inventions is committed to promoting diversity and fostering equality. We strive to ensure that all of our hires are based on their talent and quality of character. This policy applies to all aspects of our organization such as hiring, firing, pay, job assignments, promotions and other conditions of employment and contract work. Decisions are made without prejudice and with an eye toward finding the best candidate for the job regardless of external factors e.g. colour of skin. We are a “colour-blind” organization.

By selecting the best-qualified individuals we can ensure that our organization is equipped with highly competent contractors and staff which will lead to increased productivity and success for our business and those we serve. This, in turn, will better position us as we continue with our community philanthropic initiatives.

Furthermore, by treating everyone equally and without discrimination we can create an inclusive workplace where everyone feels, and is, respected and valued.

As a growing company, our reach, our needs and our clientele are increasingly diversifying. Therefore, those that we hire or contract are increasingly diverse. This helps us to meet the needs of our company and our clientele.

Plum the Pendulum Mandate

Plum the Pendulum is a mandate that we developed to help extinguish racism and other social prejudices. We have seen prejudice swing from one side of the pendulum to the other. It is a mandate of Image Inventions to “Plum the Line”. By holding steadfast to the ancient proverb, “Do to others what you would have them do to you,” we help to avoid the historical wrongs of the past all while making true social justice easy for the average person to understand and implement.

Encouraging Volunteerism

Volunteerism is a key component of an engaged, socially responsible workforce. This initiative seeks to encourage employees and contractors of Image Inventions to contribute to the health and well-being of their local communities through volunteerism.

Under this initiative, Image Inventions will commit to providing flexible leave for employees and contractors who wish to engage in volunteer activity. This leave may be taken in full days or half days and can be used for any type of approved volunteer activity. Upon return from the leave, employees and contractors will receive recognition for their efforts at work or on social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Twitter.

This initiative is beneficial both to the local community receiving support from our volunteers, as well as to the employees and contractors who are able to give back in meaningful ways. Employee volunteering has been shown to improve morale, increase loyalty and commitment, reduce stress levels, develop new skills, increase job satisfaction, help build relationships with colleagues outside of their normal working environment and promote a sense of purpose within the company culture.

By encouraging our employees and contractors to engage in volunteerism we are not only helping those less fortunate but also creating a more positive work environment which benefits everyone involved.

Governance: Doing Business the Right Way

  • We do not delay accounts payable to our contractors. All invoices should be paid in full within the terms stated and agreed upon on the invoice.
  • We do not resort to the lowest common denominator in regards to our contractors and employee pay rates. We deliver to our clients a quality that is above what is expected and so we pay our team above what is expected.
  • We will communicate any delays in payment to our contractors in a timely manner and work collaboratively with them to ensure their expectations are met.
  • We will make a good-faith effort to exceed our client’s expectations on every project. This includes striving for the highest quality standards, meeting deadlines, and providing excellent customer service.
  • Clients will only be billed for the amount indicated in the agreed-upon contracts. If extra work is requested beyond what is stated in the contracts, the client will be informed, in advance, and a revised contract stating new terms and new costs will be drafted.
  • Within the scope of the creative projects for our clients, revisions will commence until the client is satisfied with the end results.

Social Procurement Mandates (2022 -2025)

  • Social Outcomes: Increase Calgary Silverado’s volunteer base by volunteering in the community. Utilize video production tools to assist with communications and putting on community events.
  • Economic Outcomes: Establish, fun and free opportunities for families in the community of Silverado Calgary. Reduce the cost of community entertainment to free.
  • Environmental Outcomes: Research, Develop and Implement agriculture solutions that help improve the environmental impact of the agriculture industry all while producing a great R.O.I. for farmers.


Our Environmental, Social & Governance policies are designed to ensure that Image Inventions remains a leader in environmental responsibility, social equality and how we run our business. We believe that by taking these measures we can continue to produce high-quality work while doing our part with our piece of this world.

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