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Favourite Commercial of All Time!

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Hello Ladies

My Favourite Commercial of All time

Today, the best commercial of all time just turned 12. Happy Birthday to “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” February 4th, 2010 was when millions found out that “Anything is possible when your man smells like Old Spice and not a lady.”

My favourite commercial of all time is the original Old Spice Commercial. I was fortunate enough to see it for the first time in a movie theatre on the big screen. Everyone was chatting before the movie started but the room went silent as soon as the attendees heard the line, “Hello Ladies.”

The Original Old Spice Commercial: A Marketing Masterpiece

In 2010, the Old Spice commercial caused a stir in the advertising world, proving to be a revolutionary piece of marketing that took the world by storm. The commercial’s humour, creativity, and outstanding production made it a standout in the industry and propelled Old Spice to household fame. The commercial featured actor Isaiah Mustafa, who became known as “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” quickly becoming an icon for the brand.

Playful & Confident Concept

The commercial’s unique and eye-catching concept was a significant factor in its success. Mustafa, sporting a white towel, delivered clever lines with a playful and confident attitude, speaking directly to the viewer. This approach made Mustafa a threat and the guy that every man wanted to be like, creating an unforgettable and engaging experience for audiences.

Exemplary Production Value

The commercial’s production value was top-notch and played a crucial role in its impact. The ambient sound design was minimalistic, not overproduced, allowing the visual elements, such as the simple yet surprising set design, to shine. This minimalistic approach made the commercial stand out and more memorable compared to other ads at the time.

Highly Shareable

In addition to airing on television, the commercial was posted on YouTube, where it quickly went viral. This allowed Old Spice to reach a much wider audience than it would have been able to reach through traditional advertising methods. The commercial’s viral nature made it highly shareable, further contributing to its success.

Strength & Confidence Messaging

The commercial’s brand messaging was also a crucial factor in its success. Mustafa delivered lines that highlighted the strength and confidence of men who use Old Spice products, allowing viewers to associate these positive traits with the brand. This reinforced Old Spice’s market differentiation and created a positive image for the company, setting it apart from its competitors.


The original Old Spice commercial was a triumph of marketing, successful due to its unique concept, excellent production value, shareability, and impactful brand messaging. These elements combined to create a memorable and effective piece of advertising that still stands as an example of how to create an engaging ad. The commercial remains a testament to the power of humour, creativity, and innovative marketing.

So, what’s your favourite commercial?

Post it in the comments and while you are there, let us know if you like content like this.

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ReWatch the Video

Enjoy a piece of history…

As told by me.

Julian Springer

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