About Julian Springer

Image Inventions: Founder

Julian’s journey began with academic pursuits. He started with the foundation of graphic design, which he studied at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego. This is where he picked up a guitar and started writing and singing. He soon found himself at a crossroad between pursuing visual arts or pursuing music. His solution for this was to study Film and Television Production at Humber College in Toronto (class of 06). He learned many disciplines from Cinematography to Scriptwriting; but he majored in Video Editing, Sound/Sound Design and Production Management. While at school he was introduced to a software program (Adobe After Effects) that allowed him to take his graphic design to the next level by adding motion.

As a freelancer, Julian worked for many clients. He moved to Calgary in 2007 and then launched Image Inventions in 2009. This was only the beginning. After watching businesses struggle through the turbulence of the Alberta economy, Julian was inspired to reshape his services. He began developing cost-effective solutions that focused on his client’s return on investment. This process revealed to him a whole new world of possibilities.

  • High-quality videos for unbeatable prices – CHECK
  • High-end videos with unbeatable quality – CHECK

To this day, Julian continues to flex his creative muscles as he produces videos for his clients. He enjoys what he does and looks forward to meeting you and seeing where his many adventures will lead him.

Julian Springer on western set with video camera.

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Julian Springer