Top 10 things: How to Dress for a Video Shoot

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‏Top 10 things to consider when selecting an outfit for a video shoot

If you’re planning to appear in a video production shoot, you’ll want to make sure you’re looking your best. From selecting a flattering outfit to considering the location, there are a few key things to consider when choosing an outfit. To help you look your best, here are the top 10 things to consider when selecting an outfit for a video production shoot.

1. Colours: Choose colours that flatter you and that won’t clash with the background. Bright colours may be distracting, so pick something more neutral and of course… DON’T WEAR GREEN TO A GREEN SCREEN SHOOT!

2. Comfort: You’ll want to be comfortable during the shoot, so select an outfit that’s not too tight or restrictive.

3. Style: Your outfit should be appropriate for the type of shoot you’re doing. For example, if you’re doing a corporate video, you’ll want to dress more formally than if you’re doing a music video.

4. Accessories: Be mindful of the accessories you choose. Too many accessories can be distracting and take away from the focus of your shoot.

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 5. Location: Consider the location of the shoot and dress accordingly. For example, if you’re shooting outside, you may want to select clothing that will keep you warm.

6. Logos: Use textures or patterns rather than outfits with logos. Large logos can be a distraction from your message. Sometimes they even need to be blurred out which, in turn, is also very distracting.

7. Hair and Makeup: Make sure your makeup and hair are appropriate for the shoot. If you’re shooting close-up, you’ll want to make sure you look your best.

8. Layers: Adding a jacket, scarf, or another layer can add interest to your look.

9. Shoes: Make sure you’re wearing appropriate shoes. If you’re outdoors, make sure they won’t make you slip.

10. Confidence: Last but not least, make sure you feel confident in your outfit. If you feel good, it will show in your performance.

By considering these 10 things when selecting an outfit for a video production shoot, you’ll be sure to look your best. All the best!

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