Understanding Compliance with Surveying Laws

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Navigating Aerial Mapping:
Understanding Compliance with Surveying Laws

At Image Inventions, we take pride in offering innovative aerial mapping solutions to our clients in various industries, including construction. Our services, including aerial mapping, 360 imaging, 3D digital twins, photography, and virtual tours, are designed to streamline project planning, enhance decision-making, and provide valuable insights into construction sites. 

It is important for us to delineate the difference between our services and a licenced surveyor. For our benefit and yours, we comply with surveying laws, including the Alberta Surveys Act and the Canada Lands Surveys Act. In this blog, we’ll explore how our services align with these regulations while offering exceptional value to our clients.

Compliance with Surveying Laws

  1. Aerial Mapping: Our aerial mapping services adhere to the Alberta Surveys Act and the Canada Lands Surveys Act by focusing on capturing precise aerial data for construction projects. We do not engage in activities that require a surveyor’s license, such as establishing boundary lines or conducting cadastral surveys.
  2. 360 Imaging: Our immersive 360 imaging solutions provide comprehensive views of construction sites without encroaching on surveying activities. We focus on visual inspections and documentation, ensuring compliance with surveying regulations.
  3. 3D Digital Twins: Our 3D digital twins offer dynamic virtual replicas of construction sites for visualization and collaboration purposes. While we provide detailed spatial data, we do not perform cadastral surveys or boundary determinations.

While our aerial mapping services provide valuable spatial data for project planning and analysis, they do not extend to surveying activities, which require the expertise of licensed surveyors.

Collaboration with Licensed Surveyors

At Image Inventions, we recognize the importance of working with licensed surveyors when our clients’ needs intersect with surveying tasks. While our aerial mapping services offer detailed data and analysis, we partner with licensed surveyor companies to handle tasks such as:

  • Establishing property boundaries
  • Conducting cadastral surveys
  • Providing legal descriptions and land surveys

By collaborating with licensed surveyors, we ensure compliance with surveying laws and offer our clients peace of mind regarding property boundaries and legal requirements.

Value Proposition and Cost Savings

Our aerial mapping services provide significant value to our clients by offering:

  • Efficiency in Project Planning: Accelerating surveying and data collection, reducing project timelines.
  • Cost Savings through Accurate Data: Minimizing errors and rework, optimizing resource allocation, and preventing disruptions.
  • Enhancement of Decision-Making: Providing visual data for informed decision-making, risk mitigation, and improved collaboration.

While licensed surveyors offer supreme accuracy and expertise, our services cater to a niche below their tier, providing weekly progress reports and updates at a more affordable price point. By leveraging our expertise in aerial mapping, clients can access valuable insights without breaking the bank.


At Image Inventions, we prioritize compliance with surveying laws while offering innovative aerial mapping solutions to the construction industry. Our commitment to providing accurate data, enhancing decision-making, and fostering collaboration sets us apart in the market. By collaborating with licensed surveyors when necessary, we ensure that our clients receive comprehensive services that meet their needs while adhering to regulatory requirements. Contact us today to learn more about how our aerial mapping solutions can benefit your construction projects.


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